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Discover the essence of the Hawaiian Islands - gracious, authentic, and culturally inspired - through the diverse host of accommodations offered by Outrigger. As a family-owned company with nearly 60 years of hospitality experience, Outrigger encapsulates the spirit of aloha, providing a genuine sense of place - no matter which setting you choose. Celebrate the unique culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty that define Hawaii. Consider the sample properties below as your gateway to the distinctive tradition of the Outrigger family.

Outrigger Hawaii Hotels & Resorts

Indulge in the traditional heritage of Hawaii through Outrigger Hotels & Resorts - an upscale lodging brand, thoroughly immersed in the spirit of the islands. Enjoy distinctive features and services, designed to reflect the immediate surroundings. Select properties include:

Outrigger's Hawaii Condominium Collection

Experience a genuine "sense of discovery" through the expressly individual vacation rentals and condos within Outrigger's Condominium Collection These fully furnished accommodations are located in some of the most desirable settings in Hawaii - from well-known resorts to unique "out-of-the-way" places - for an island experience of your own design. This signature collection includes:

OHANA Hawaii Hotels & Resorts

Enjoy a rare perspective of the islands through OHANA Hotels & Resorts, intently focused on accessibility in every sense of the word. Experience comfortable, exceptionally affordable accommodations in the heart of Waikiki's cityscape - surrounded by the most popular attractions, activities, and dining. Featured properties include: Savor a true taste of the Hawaiian Islands, in every thoughtful detail. Select a setting from Outrigger's distinctive family of hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals, and book your reservations online for exclusive rates.

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Outrigger Condominium Collection